NYC Life Science Internship Expanded

Inspire a diverse leadership pipeline in the biosciences industry with the LifeSci NYC Internship. To continuing extending the curriculum & administering the internships, it city has made a Request For Proposal to the agency that has placed almost 400 students in first 4 years, with such a majority of them that are women or people of colour.

New pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, cutting-edge therapies, sustainable inventions, and other commodities are developed in the life sciences sector to help heal sick people and enhance New Yorkers’ lives.

More renowned companies in life sciences and healthcare will benefit from the LifeSci NYC Internship expansion.

That Mayor Adams is committed to supporting economic growth while giving meaningful opportunities for such city’s kids is evident in this programme, said Deputy Mayor Maria Torres-Springer.

In his Blueprint for NYC’s Economic Recovery, Mayor Adams focuses on essential areas like life sciences while emphasising worker development and entrepreneurship, says NYCEDC President and CEO Andrew Kimball. EDC hopes to reach more diverse talent in the life sciences business in the next years.

In the Mayor’s socioeconomic vision, the LifeSci NYC Internship would prepare tens of thousands of New York students for lucrative employment in the life sciences. A $5 million investment on LifeSci NYC Internship. From internships to year-round opportunities, it got over 2,400 applications in 2021.

We can avoid future health crises by investing now and in existence science and innovation.  Internships in Life Sciences & Pandemic Preparedness are meant to keep our City and its future leaders ahead of the curve. Our commitment to equity and inclusion must continue to support Queens’ leaders in this vital industry.

“As a global city with significant influence, we should definitely be involved in not merely our destiny, however the potential of our world.” This internship programme promotes more than only new medical therapies / pandemic prevention concepts. Local job development is encouraged rather than outsourcing or relying on others to tackle diseases. Keep in mind our city’s future, NYCEDC.”

Internships in the Life Sciences will assist prepare our youth for workforce while benefiting all New Yorkers. In the Bronx and around the City, I applaud NYCEDC for this groundbreaking programme that could change the way kids prepare for a variety of careers. 

This business is essential to the city’s revival and the career of thousands of students. If the Life Science NYC Internship is expanded, future health innovators would be better prepared. We must continue to promote equity and diversity in job creation and innovation in the life sciences.”

The city is experiencing the very worst public health emergency ever. “We need more skilled Life Science specialists to help our residents,” said NYC Council Member. As Chair of the NYC Council Health Committee, I must continue to support the LifeSci Internship Program.

It is with pleasure that I report that the Council’s Blueprint of Economic Development has indeed been executed. This will create 40,000 employment in the next decade,” claimed NYC Council Member.  “Investing in great internship programmes helps our recovering economy generate career and job paths. Approximately 50% of internships have became full-time workers as a result of this technique. We must emulate NYCEDC’s lead & develop important job pathways for youth. A more equitable society for any and all New Yorkers needs urgent worker investment.

For the LifeSci NYC Intership operator, recruiting students & host firms in New York is key. Since its launch in 2017, it has placed over 440 New York City students with over 120 notable life science organisations. Students at City College of New York made up the majority of applicants (CUNY).

A research, management, & technology internship prepares students for professions. In 2021, this programme will put students in pharma, biotech, digital health, research, and startups. Around 50% of student internships have been continued or turned become full-time jobs.