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Chicago, which is located on the Illinois shoreline of Lake Chicago, is one of the nation’s largest cities and is the state capital. As a result of buildings such as the Johns Hopkins Center, the 1,451-foot Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower), and the neo-Gothic Herald Tower, Chicago is recognised for its garde design as well as its spectacular cityscape. In addition, the town is well with its museums, including the Art Gallery of Chicago, that houses works by Impressionist & Post-Impressionist artists as well as works by contemporary artists.

Chicago is a global centre for banking, culture, business, industry, education, science, telecommunications, & transportation, as well as a major cultural and educational centre. Because it is the birthplace of futures contracts, the Chicago Board on Trade, that today is the world’s biggest derivatives market, accounting for 20 percent of all transactions in commodities and economic future alone, was the first to issue standardised contracts. In addition, the region contains the greatest number of federal roadways and serves as the nation’s rail hub. The Chicago metropolitan region has one of the world’s greatest gross domestic products (GDP), with a total of $689 billion in GDP in 2018.