In 2022, U.S. Homebuyer Demand Will Begin To Decline

Forcing Homeowners to Lower Their Asking Prices Across the United States of America

This year’s downturn in home sales was exacerbated by a normal drop in activity over the Easter and Passover holiday weekends, according to national real estate broker Redfin. This was on top of a previous slowdown brought on by rising mortgage rates & housing costs, Redfin reports.

As of April 17, around one in eight vendors had slashed their prices, the greatest share in five months; while asking prices had dropped a tad. First time since June, Redfin’s Homebuyer Demand Index, which measures the number of requests for home tours as well as other home-buying activities from Redfin agents, has fallen. Online searches on “homes for sale” and mortgage applications fell as well.

As home prices soar and mortgage rates soar above 5%, more buyers are choosing to sit on the sidelines. The typical monthly payment for a homebuyer has increased by 38% to the all high of $2,318 due to an increase in the median house sale price of 17% annualised to the record $392,750. At the same time, mortgage rates have reached their highest level in April 2010. Still, some metrics of competition, such as the percentage of properties selling above their list price and indeed the percentage of homes selling within a week, continue to break records.

There will probably be a dip in house buyers and sellers activity for some time after Easter and Passover, according to Daryl Fairweather, chief economist at Redfin. “Increasing mortgage rates & record-high property prices are still putting purchasers off buying a home. Buyers in price wars should see a decrease in the number of competing bids as the housing market continues to favour sellers more than at any other moment in history. However, significant respite for homebuyers is still far off in the distance.”

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Ahead-Looking Signs For Potential Homebuying

There are a lot of Easter and Passover-related stats in this area. Declines from one year to the next are accentuated by the that the last year’s equivalent time was not a holiday week.

Weekdays ending April 16, the number of people searching for “homes on the market” in Google decreased by 8 percent compared to the same period last year.

It’s the first time since June that Redfin’s seasonally adjusted Homebuyer Demand Index has fallen year over year. Last month, it fell 13% year-over-year while it fell by just 4-percent last year during the same period.

There was a 45 percent drop in tour activities since the first day of Jan to the 10th of April, as according home tour technology provider ShowingTime.

The seasonally-adjusted index of mortgage purchase applications fell by 3 percent in the week ending April 15, compared to the same period last year.

30-year mortgage rates climbed to 5.11 percent for week ended April 21, the highest since April 2010. This was an increase from the previous week’s figure of 5%.