After 13 years of working in London and Chicago with various international investment banks and with an MBA from the University of Chicago in hand I decided it was time to repent for my sins by exiting the banking game.  I chose instead to become a conduit for truth in a world where financial and public policy discourse was nothing more than promotional campaigns targeted toward the unsuspecting 'little guy' by so called PhD economists and Chief Strategy Officers.  

And so with my banking career behind me I started a blog called FirstRebuttal.  My objective was to provide quantitatively backed qualitative arguments to the layman on economics, markets and public policy.  My research has generally been considered to be Contrarian in nature, which I consider to mean honest in nature.  When I started I was an unknown analyst but my research quickly struck a cord.  I joined Ron Paul's Voices of Liberty, David Stockman's Contra Club and am a regular contributor to Zerohedge.  But I felt that more could be done to change the system by breaking into the educational framework and so I began teaching applied financial modeling at Marquette University (whose finance program is ranked 21st in the nation by US News & WR).  

Despite attempts to turn Americans into thoughtless opiate and xanax induced zombies, I believe everyday citizens are both sophisticated enough and inclined to dig their teeth into the world of financial economics and public policy.  I am an adamant proponent that doing so is a moral obligation for members of any free society.   For it is the ignorance that accompanies the apathy around such topics that empowers the plutocrats to ultimately enslave future generations in twisted distortions of reality.  Truth, however unpleasant and however grueling to uncover, is the cost of real freedom.

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Thad Beversdorf

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